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Crystal Therapy 1st Degree

Course Overview

Crystals have been used for healing for hundreds of years.   Crystals possess their own unique energy and vibrations.  The art of crystal healing is the placement on the body of crystals to help promote emotional and mental harmony.   It this state of harmony the body experiences the perfect conditions to heal naturally.

Crystal Therapy Course

This course is taught in 4 modules:-

  • Module 1 Crystal Awareness
    This module sets out your basic knowledge with some of the topics covered being:-

    • The history of crystals and the science behind crystals and humans
    • Crystals and the five elements
    • The 7 lattice system
    • Crystal formations
    • How to choose crystals and pendulums
    • Grounding and protection
    • Chakra diagnosis
    • Healing sequence


  • Module 2 Balancing the Human Vibrational System
    Module 2 builds on the previous module and includes:

    • In-depth look at the chakras
    • Patterns of chakras and chakra cords
    • Clearing and aligning chakras
    • Body systems and crystals
    • Healing sequence
    • Self awareness


  • Module 3 The Human Energy Field
    Module 3 expands the students knowledge on our energy fields and how they interact with crystals.  Some of the topics covered are:-

    • What is the human energy field
    • Scanning the energy field
    • Auras, the understanding of, interpretation, position and colours
    • The Etheric and crystals
    • Meridian system
    • Healing sequences and therapist self-healing


  • Module 4 Multi Dimensional Healing
    The final module brings together the knowledge acquired and looks at multi-dimensional healing covering some of the following topics:-

    • The Hara line
    • Gem Elixirs
    • Crystal lays and crystal grids
    • Divine Core
    • Antakarana
    • Mahatma Energy
    • Dove of Shekina

Course Duration

Each module is taught over  2 days with a month between each module.

In between each module students will be required to practice what they have been taught and undertake further reading and assignments.

This allows progressive completion of assignments each month with tutor feedback and guidance.  The timing of each module is designed to allow sufficient time for student self reflection and personal development.

Course Assessment

Competent performance  by observation by tutors,  assessor observations, witness testimonies and products of work at likely to be the most appropriate sources of performance evidence.

Professional discussion will be used as supplementary evidence for those criteria that do not naturally occur.

Completion of this course and related assignments will qualify a therapist to offer Crystal Healing to clients.

Entry Requirements

No previous experience is required, however, good communication skills would be helpful. Everyone on this course will need to be prepared to work hard individually and as a team.

Course Dates

Course Reference: 042CRYSEP18

Induction Day 9am Monday 24th September 2018

  • Tuesday 25th September 2018
  • Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 November
  • Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 January 2019
  • Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March 2019


9.30 to 17.30 hrs


£1,196      (£299 per module)

Early Bird Fee

£ 1,100.00 if paid fill in advance prior to the course start date


£ 299 to secure your booking

Payment Plan

£ 299 deposit then 3 payments of £ 299 paid prior to the start of each module.

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