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Dreaming of Change

So it is 2018!

During the first few weeks of the New Year most of us read our horoscopes in our favoured daily, take a peek at the predicted trends for the New Year or perhaps engage in a wine fuelled debate down the pub on what the next big thing is going to be. Then it’s back to work and our daily routines. Some of us may hit the gym or try out the new-fangled miracle diet or treatment that the punters are raving about as part of our New Year’s resolution. Well, for at least a couple of weeks but, dare I say it, inevitably our enthusiasm wanes as we get caught up in our daily lives and so the years role on.

We think about the changes we ought to make to our lives but often our thoughts are not converted into actions despite our ‘to do’ lists and ‘wish lists’, resulting in no sustained change.

Change or should it be called ‘progression’, be it in our personal or professional lives, needs to start with a vision of where we want to be. Once we have our vision, only then, can we effect change.

So it is the start of 2018, do you have a vision of where you will be in December 2018? How do we develop our vision?

If you are not sure, join Lumiere College Saturday 27th January for our Vision Board Workshop.

The Lumiere College team will all be making their individual 2018 Vision Boards too and are busy collecting magazines, photographs of family and friends as well as inspirational key words and mantras.

Join us on at 6pm on the 27th of January to clarify your vision for 2018

Venue: Lumiere College

Investment: £30 including materials

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