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Blended Oils Workshop

Workshop Overview

There are many pre-blended oils for massage therapy easily available from a plethora of suppliers. A qualified aromatherapist can interrogate oils and make an educated decision on the suitability of a pre-blended oil for use on a client.  Often pre-blended oils are used without knowledge of contra-indications of essential oils in certain medical conditions and indeed during pregnancy.

During this FTH accredited workshop we will work with a number of pre-blended oils commonly available and cover aspects of contra-indications, possible reactions and therapeutic effects of each blend.

Lumiere’s Introduction to Pre-Blend Oils Workshop is designed to give an introduction to working with pre-blend oils so that you can confidently expand your client treatments using essential oils.


 Pre-blended oils for Massage
Course Reference: 060/B/Oils/Sept19

 Saturday 7 September 2019

Pre-blended oils for Massage
Course Reference: 061/B/Oils/Oct19

Monday 7th October 2019

Pre-blended oils for Massage
Course Reference: 062/B/Oils/Nov19

Sunday 3 November 2019

Pre-blended oils for Massage
Course Reference: 063/B/Oils/Jan20

Monday 20 January 2020


10am to 4pm




FHT and Lumiere College

Lumiere College accredited by FHT


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